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21 July 2012 @ 06:18 pm
Last weekend I got the paint work done on my first blythe custom. Still some work to go so she's not back together yet but I thought I'd share the progress pics. I'm very happy with how she's turning out and definitely want to do more in the future:

First Blythe Custom in progressCollapse )
17 July 2012 @ 08:00 pm
For those keeping up with fairyland and the Feeple60 (new delf) new body pics are out. Right now they only show the muscular boy body and the large bust girl. Frankly while I'm usually not a fan of muscular bodies it's EXTREMELY well done. Sure both bodies are sort of just 60 vers of the minifee bodies, but at least there are 60 heads that will look right now such a muscley body unlike most of the minifees but that's just totally my own opinion. I like the upgrades they've made all except for those damn magnetic hands. Once you pass MSD side haveing the hands held on by magnets is just such a frightful thing. I already don't take my SSDelf out for fear of loosing his hands. Getting really excited about feeple60 though becuase now that opens up options for layaway through DDE. I still for sure want to get an El again (I actually wouldn't mind him on a muscle body), and I want them to release Shiwoo faster so I can buy one and decide if he's a suitable replacement for my Leeke Cliffe so I can sell that boy to someone who will love him more than I can even force myself to.

Passed up the option to stop by the house tonight to take some pics of Rosa. Just wasn't feeling up to it. Now back at the parents house sitting here while the husband is watching something on netflix. He's driving me absolutely bonkers. I want him to go play on his computer and leave me alone..... This stir craziness of being stuck at my parents' house is driving us both mad.
16 July 2012 @ 10:46 pm
I've been so worried about not getting my blythe doll finished in time for Blythecon in just under three weeks from now. My wonderful savior kellyindallas is the BEST! We wanted to get together this weekend and she was going to be cleaning up a doll body and I was all "can I bring my stuffs and work on a doll?" and she was all "of course!". So I am done with all the actual painting now for my Blythe Rosa. Need to attach her eyelashes and install her eye chips then when her body arrives she will be all set to go. I really wish I had pictures to share becuase I am so happy with how she looks. I impressed myself a little with the eyelid artwork so I'm a bit proud of it. Currently all her pieces went back home for now and I'm still at my parents at the moment (I miss all my dollies). Have to give a big thankful shoutout to my husband though for yanking those damn lashes out of my girl yesterday though. They were as bad a bitch as de-scalping her. So yah when people say they hear ADG blythes are a bitch to customize they aren't lying. I want to customize more Blythe dolls in the future but not an ADG again. The price was right and I wanted one so I'm good all the same, but yah not again unless I get the sort of steal a local friend got on one recently ($35 from a movie trading co... my deal was not nearly as good). So as things stand Rosa will be ready to go for Blythecon. Though I'm really wishing I'd purchased her a carrier... For the future though because I can't afford to spend anymore money on her. Blythecon & BJDC same weekend in just under 3 weeks is going to murder my bank account.
11 July 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Dear LiveJournal. It has truely been forever since I've posted anything. I don't find nearly enough time to blog about, well anything these days. As usual in my house the doll front is having it's ups and downs though I think I've quite a few more these days than the last time I posted. I think I will try to get back into updating dolly things here?... Maybe... Well I'm going to try at least. An acquaintance got me looking back at some of my old entries and I remember how much I enjoyed making them. I think I should have like a mid-year new years resolution to shoot more doll photos and make more goof-tastic photo stories again.

Any old ways though I do still enjoy my dolls.
Currently on the incoming (though both on layaway at the moment):
Migidoll Vampire Miho & Soom Goss.

Also it seems my last post here was last year after I'd closed up the face-up shop and business. Eventually along the lines DOA completely deleted my commissions thread and I had to come up with a whole new one from scratch. It was a touch annoying. But I think it helped with the fact that I wanted to change my name which I did. The shop is now Dreamless Noir Aesthetics. So far 3 comissions though none through DOA. I'm currently waiting for a friend to get me some commissioned graphics for shop banners and also going to post out at etsy since same friend I commissioned for the images has had a few sucesses in offering her services via etsy.

Right now on the doll but not so doll front there is a plumbing issue in our home which has forced my husband and I to temporarily re-locate to my parents house. We've been here almost 3 weeks and are hoping to be back home again soon. But in the meantime I only have 2 dolls with me, one of which got some stringing and sueding work done. I do miss not having the whole gang around though to randomly do with as I please. What is kicking me in the butt the most is that Blythecon is in less than a month and my poor little one blythe doll I own is at home on the table in pieces and I really really really want to have her done by the con so I'm being pretty massively delayed. Also have a commission that showed up like 2 days before we re-located so I haven't even gotten to start it but at least I have a very clear idea of what the girl wants and she's not in a hurry so as soon as I am able to start it I should theoretically have it done maye in one afternoon.

So that's all for now. Here's to hoping for a new and brighter re-surge of dolly blogging from me.
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21 May 2011 @ 09:03 am
So I'm not sure why this morning, but I went looking back through my faceup portfolio. I think it was because I saw my little "Temporarily Closed" commissions thread post and went looking. I've had some serious itching to work on a faceup since last weekend, but I've currently got too much going on that there's just no time. I'm thinking when/if I come back to doing faceups coming back under a new shop name.... I've been under high debates to change my clan and shop name from The House of Dreamless Sleep to Dreamless Noir. Dreamless Noir is the name I've been wanting to use and go with for when I get around to doing some other mostly non doll related projects, but it's like how those that know me/realize that I don't really go my mel-mel-chan anymore... DOA is the only place still existing that the name is used (well aside from all my doll company accounts). DOA was the last forum/social place I ever signed up for by that name because now I go by Komishika everywhere, even for cosplay I abandoned mel-mel-chan. So now I'm sort of thinking of going a different direction and abandoning the title Dreamless Sleep... though I think part of that can be blamed on doll hobbyist doa user that created some smart phone app that databases doll sizes and measurements and naming it "My Dreamless Sleep".... I'm like hey did you ever think of doing a little doll comm related research before naming it that? They claim they searched it and nothing for me ever showed up yet I show up on the first page of Google when I search the term dreamless sleep especially if I add bjd to the end of it... It was something that really in the end was innocent, but somehow it seriously fouled up my brain... So this has been a few months ago at this point, but yah.

Now back to what I had told myself I was going to say in this post. I keep looking back at my faceup work and the only thing I can think to myself is how hit and miss of a faceup artist I am. Maybe it's because of commissioners preferences that I feel this way but I look back and I love some faceups I've done (not just for me but for others as well) and then others I just sort of feel a bit embarrassed about and feel like "did they really like it?". I think some of my doubt may come from the fact that I know a lot of people I do commission work for are not people who take a lot of pictures of their dolls like I used to. Yah I've really not been doing a lot of photography lately myself, but I think it's cause I've gotten rather bored with my surroundings that I have. But for the moment for faceups I know for sure I'm closed all the way through June (with exception to a few friends), and I'm hoping after Akon which is right around the corner I'll be able to get back on my boat and do some nifty stuff for my newest little girls and a couple of the husbands kiddos. I think I just need to get my groove back...

But for now with Akon around the corner I'm on hard core cosplay crunch. In fact after I go grab some breakfast I'll be spending just about all of today sewing and things. Concerning Akon, DollAkon is happening, but you won't see me around there. Something happened that I was very confused and displeased about and I raised the concern that if that was the way things were going to be I didn't want to do my panel, and before formally quitting was dismissed from all obligations with a bit of a nasty comment to boot. I will be at Akon, I will have 1 doll that will spend most of it's time in my room and I will not be attending functions in relation to DollAkon nor making any donations or having my cards on the networking table. However I will be around and probably for most of Sunday and possibly part of Saturday talking some good sales pitches and helping out at the Baubles & Frills table in the dealers room. Doesn't matter what I'm doing/have planned cause at any con these ladies do that I attend whether I'm officially working with them or not I always end up working for them in the end... ^_^
20 March 2011 @ 03:44 pm
So my most recent 3 dolls are 2 pullips and a blythe.

follow the cut to see the prettiesCollapse )
15 March 2011 @ 10:43 pm
Will eventually post photos to go with the new dolly news, but for now I just want to talk about it since I do not have the pictures prepared.

Picked up 3 new dolls this weekend I purchased from one of our locals. I now have 2 more pullips and a blythe. Picked up Pullips Cosmic Mercu & Cosmic Jupi and an ADG Midieval Mood Blythe. I haven't picked names for them all yet, but for the pullips I'm leaning on the names Izam & Shazna (yes I am oldschool VK dork to some extremes)... for the blythe I just don't know yet....possibly Laila.

In addition to these 3 little ones I have also purchased from a DOA member a Kid Delf Jeong... I'm super excited for her (geeze why do I keep picking up MSD girls instead of my intended dolls). Got a super price on her and the seller is supposed to ship her tomorrow so I should probably have her this weekend. She however does need some work... She will probably get here and if I have the time this weekend, which I should, she will quickly be taken apart, cleaned, then oxi bathed. Will go from there after that, but she's nothing like the image I have for her in her current state. I'm really excited for her though because she was one of the kid delfs I thought was super cute that got discontinued. I'm thinking her name is going to be Sumire... at least that's her working name for now.

Anyways I've wasted too much time blogging tonight and maybe in the next couple of days I can get pics of the new girls up to show them off.
11 March 2011 @ 11:16 pm
Attended 2 meetups this month and as usual have lots of dolly eyecandy photos for show.

2011.02.19 @ El Guapo's in Denton,TX

2011.02.27 @ Royal Buffet in Rowlette,TX
16 January 2011 @ 06:37 pm
Pics from the local dollmeets from last weekend and this weekend.

DFW Meetup 2011.01.09

DFW Meetup 2011.01.15

16 January 2011 @ 05:23 pm
As part of my Christmas present to myself this year I purchased a modded Taeyang. He used to be a jade but the customizer, Blair, sanded off just about all of his faceup aside from his eye lining and some of his eye blushing and carved his lips to have an open mouth with teeth. He's super cute and very charming. I LOVE HIM! I did however quickly change out his eyechips as I just just really disliked the older rubber chips that he came with since I did get the jade chips. I still want to get him in something green but those chips were annoying me too much so I replaced them with the last set of spare chips I had around the house. I'm waiting probably about a month for a leeke wig for him and will eventually make a coolcat order for some new chips.

This is Ryou. The only thing he's told me about himself is that he's a big flirt with the ladies (keeps trying to get Ms. Jasmine to go on a date with him, but she's been refusing, and he really loves sweets, especially chocolate. In the future I do still have plans to get a standard jade who will be his younger brother.